I’ve had balancing issues for twenty years.  As an ordained minister I could no offer prayer without holding on to something or keeping my eyes open for fear of falling.  Five years ago I began using a cane on uneven ground at our family cabin after being helped by various members over unsteady ground.  Last week we visited the cabin.  On Friday I offered to clean up a pile of leaves and  pine needles and deposit them in a large trailer.  The next day, having found several raked piles, I proceeded to load more of them.  After a half hour my wife and daughter joined me in the grand “seasonal pickup”. Afterwards, to the astonishment of my family, I realized I needed no cane or assistance whatsoever on the uneven rocky ground. I credit it to months of Tai Chi with Deanne’s leadership, and more specifically to several weeks of addition participation in a Balance Class she is leading.  With additional regular practice of the techniques I learned amazing progress became possible.  RevLC
This has been life changing for me.  I am happier and have an improved mental attitude and outlook.  I am sleeping better. Instead of being stressed out on the job, I find myself approaching problems more peacefully and my concentration and focus has improved.  Charlotte, Employee at St. Joseph’s Hospital
I feel more like me now... Like I've come home to myself. LC

I’ve had hip replacement surgery and low back pain – I can stand up for longer periods of time now because of these classes and I am more aware of how much better I feel when I correct my posture.  KL