Morning Soul Preparation Video & DVDs

Deanne designed this Qigong movement as

  1. A Prayerful meditation

  2. A Breath practice

  3. A Qigong exercise

And it takes only 24 seconds!

To order the DVD “Applied Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Session” contact Deanne.

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DVDs you can order from Deanne

A Tai Chi Class with Rev. Deanne Hodgson, RN

Qigong Warm-ups ... Tapping ... Morning Soul Preparation ...

Detailed Instructions for Tai Chi Chih form (19 moves, one pose)


Applied Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Session

Deanne leads you through these easy to follow, meditative moves:

Morning Soul Preparation ... Blithering ... Deep Breath w Extended Exhale ... Side-Side and Front-Back Bending ... Opening the Energy Gates ...Tapping ... Tracing the Energy Channels ... Flowing Motion ... Calm at the Center of the Universe ... Waiting at the Temple Gate ...Tai Chi Easy™ – Short Form Standing ... Tai Chi Easy™ - Long Form, Standing