Programs for the Christian Community

Deanne has served as

  1. Hospital Chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care

  2. President of the AZ Chaplain’s Associaton

  3. Pastor

  4. Spiritual Director

  5. Retreat Leader

  6. Pastoral Care Trainer

  7. Grief Counsellor

She has presented classes & workshops for

  1. -Churches

  2. -Seminaries

  3. -Chaplains

  4. -Retreats

  5. -Women’s Associations

  6. -National Retreat Centers

  7. -National Conferences


Classes, Workshops & Retreats

  1. Augustina Lutheran, Phoenix

  2. Beatitudes Church and Campus of Care

  3. Bethesda Presbyterian Church, NC

  4. Central United Methodist CWU, Phoenix

  5. Church of the Beatitudes UCC, Phoenix

  6. Church of the Palms, Sun City

  7. Church Women United

  8. Congregational Church of the Valley

  9. Crosswinds Presbyterian, Phoenix

  10. Desert Palms Presbyterian, Sun City West

  11. Epworth United Methodist church

  12. Faith Presbyterian Church, Sun City

  13. First Institutional Baptist Church, Phoenix

  14. First United Methodist, Phoenix

  15. First Presbyterian Church, Peoria

  16. First Presbyterian Church, Sun City

  17. First Presbyterian Church, Wickenberg

  18. Fountain Hills Presbyterian, Fountain Hills

  19. Franklin Lakes Presbyterian Church, NJ

  20. Horizon Presbyterian, Ahwatukee

  21. Beatitudes Campus of Care Chaplains

  22. King of Glory Lutheran, Mesa

  23. Lakeview United Methodist Church,

  24. Mission Del Sol Presbyterian Church

  25. Mission Del Sol Women’s Retreats

  26. Opportunity Presbyterian, Spokane, WA

  27. Orangewood Presbyterian, Phoenix

  28. Palo Christi Presbyterian, Paradise Valley

  29. Paradise Valley Methodist, Paradise Valley

  30. Pinnacle Peak Presbyterian, Scottsdale

  31. Prescott Presbyterian Women’s Retreat

  32. Rio Verde Community Church

  33. Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Phoenix

  34. Shadow Rock Congregational Church

  35. Sun Lakes Methodist, Sun Lakes

  36. Tempe United Methodist, Tempe

  37. Trinity Lutheran Church, Phoenix

  38. Trinity Presbyterian Church, Paramus, NJ

  39. University Presbyterian Church Youth

  40. Valley Presbyterian, Paradise Valley


Embodied Faith through Tai Chi & Qigong

St.Paul states that our bodies are God’s temple and that God’s spirit dwells within us.  Jesus says that the kingdom of God is within us.  Practicing Tai Chi & Qigong as a Moving Meditation can open the door to the kingdom and help us to be what we believe.

  1. a way of prayer and a path to inner peace

  2. creating moments of meditation

  3. infuse your daily living with spiritual insight, direction and inspiration

  4. centering yourself spiritually in stressful situations

  5. a way of blessing others

  6. spirit guided benedictions

  7. preparing sermons and Christian Education classes

  8. enhancing and grounding your preaching

  9. transferring energy for compassionate caregiving

Conferences, Seminaries

  1. Arizona Chaplains Association

  2. Church Women United, AZ Annual Conference

  3. Conference for Church Educators, Montreat  Conference Center, NC

  4. Ghost Ranch Conference Center, NM

  5. National Presbyterian Women’s Gathering,  Louisville, KY

  6. Synod of Southern California and Hawaii Women Clergy and Seminarians, CA

  7. Presbytery of Costal Carolina Leadership Conference, NC

  8. Presbytery of the Grand Canyon Big Event, AZ

  9. Presbytery of New Hope “Growing Together” conference, NC

  10. United Church of Christ SW Conference Annual Conference

  11. Presbytery of Grand Canyon Women’s Retreats

  12. Fuller Seminary

A Sampling of Locations Where Deanne has Presented