Applied Tai Chi & Qigong
for Wellness of Body, Mind and Spirit

Rev Deanne Hodgson RN

What is Applied Tai Chi ?

Do you find that you quickly forget what you have learned in a class or private session?

Deanne’s teaching style will enable you to apply the principles and movements  of Tai Chi & Qigong where you need them the most

  1. to promote healing on a daily basis

  2. to get in touch with your inner spirit at times when you need guidance

  3. to find a peaceful center right in the midst of stressful situations at





Every workshop, class and private session is custom designed to address the particular needs and concerns of the participants.

Therapeutic Tai Chi & Qigong

Classes, Workshops


When  your body needs healing, your mind needs relief from stress or you would like to get in touch with your inner spirit...

Deanne’s extensive background in medicine, psychology and theology offer a unique holistic experience. 

“Her vibrant style, grounded energy and sense of humor create space for people to achieve deep personal transformation.”

Now offering a Special Series on

Balance, Posture and Falls Prevention