Balance, Posture & Fall Prevention Classes

  1. BulletEach class is designed to meet the particular needs of the individuals

  1. BulletParticipants discover that not only is their balance improved resulting in fewer falls, but an awareness of their  posture has helped them walk, sit and stand with a feeling of gracious dignity. 

  1. BulletFear is one of the leading causes of falls - psychosocial and spiritual as well as physical aspects of balance and posture are  addressed.


  1. Handouts and learning tools to encourage and inspire daily practice

  2. Individual coaching and ongoing evaluations

  3. A basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of posture, balance and walking


  1. • Arthritis

  2. • Parkinson's

  3. • Stroke

  4. • Peripheral Neuropathy

  5. • Recovery from surgery or accidents

  6. • Fear of falling

  7. • Inner ear balance problems

  8. • Back problems


  1. improved balance and flexibility

  2. overcoming the stress which accompanies the fear of falling

  3. improved posture for a better self-image

  4. improved cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive functions

  5. feeling in control when moving from one position to another

  6. an appreciation and increased awareness of how the body moves and functions

  7. engaging mind, body and spirit to make movement a joy

  8. decrease pain (back, legs, feet)

  9. improved strength and exercise capacity

  10. improved bone density

  11. improved mood and quality of life

  12. improved sleep


July 2014

I’ve had balancing issues for twenty years.  As an ordained minister I could not offer prayer without holding on to something or keeping my eyes open for fear of falling.  Five years ago, I began using a cane on uneven ground at our family cabin.  Last week when we visited the cabin I offered to clean up a pile of leaves and  pine needles and deposit them in a large trailer.  The next day… I proceeded to load more of them.  Only afterwards, and to the astonishment of my family, did I realized I needed no cane or assistance whatsoever on the uneven rocky ground.  I credit it to months of Tai Chi with Deanne’s leadership, and more specifically to several weeks of participation in a Balance Class she is leading.  With the regular practice of the techniques I learned amazing progress became possible. RC


A professional background in medicine (RN), psychology (BA) and theology (M.Div.), with over four decades of experience working with seniors as a nurse in long term care facilities, a hospital chaplain, a pastor and a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor provide Deanne Hodgson with a unique ability to design and lead classes that are holistic in approach and flexible in design. Her vibrant style of instruction and her grounded energy and sense of humor create space for people to achieve deep personal transformation. 


One or two one hour sessions per week

4-5 weeks (two sessions each week)

6-8 weeks (single weekly sessions)


$165/session or to be determined by the size of the group and length of the series



  1. -Every year 1 out of 3 people age 65 and older falls

  2. -Falls are the most common cause of injury and the 6th leading cause of death for seniors

  3. -Over $20 Billion is spent annually on fall related injuries

Poor Posture actually accelerates the aging process

  1. It lowers lung capacity

  2. Interferes with digestion

  3. Puts abnormal pressure on the spine

Deanne with Betsy Davis, age 94 -

“You have no idea how many times I’ve caught myself before a fall, especially when reaching for something in my kitchen.  I’m so much more aware of my body since I’ve been doing Tai Chi, and especially after the Falls Prevention Series.”

The American Heart Association released a report on research presented to the American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference 2013. It stated that Tai Chi was more effective in fall prevention for stroke survivors, than a control group using only the U.S. Medicare covered SilverSneakers Program.